How to Sell Your House Fast!

Many homeowners in Tampa find themselves needing to sell their houses quickly. This can often be the result of a significant life change, such as a move, a job loss, a divorce, illness, or even unexpected structural repairs that exceed available cash flow.

Our professional team at Bellaire Investment Group offers home buying services in Tampa, FL. We also serve nearby markets such as Saint Petersburg and Orlando.

In most cases, we are able to purchase your house quickly and directly – often within 7 days or less. Most importantly, we are able to do this without any of the stress and aggravation associated with selling your house the traditional way.

How Our Home Buying Service Works:

1. To begin, we offer you a fair, firm,cash offer to buy your house. Simply call 813-530-5530 to be quoted, or submit your details through our [online form].

2. A dedicated advisor from our team will offer you a purchase price for the sale of your house. It is important to note that because this is a direct sale. You will not have to pay commissions to a realtor or any hidden fees to us.

3. If you wish to move forward with our offer, we will pay a brief visit to your house to confirm all the details. The condition of your home is not relevant. We will gladly purchase your house whether it is old, in need of repairs or upgrades, or just plain ugly.

4. Upon completion of the property inspection, you will be provided with a final written offer. Your advisor will also outline next steps to complete the process.

5. After you have signed the written offer, we will be ready to close shortly. We will have the title search done, and all necessary paperwork and legal documentation will be prepared.

6. A day or two after closing, you will receive the proceeds from the sale by certified check or bank transfer.

This process is as simple and straightforward as it gets!

If you are ready to move forward with selling your house fast, you can call us now at 813-530-5530. We also welcome your call if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Our ultimate objective is to make the process of selling your home as easy as possible.

Why Should You Sell Your House to Us?

There are several key benefits to the direct sale of your home, especially when compared against the traditional route of going through a real estate agent:

1. Save Time

The real estate market in Tampa can be very challenging. It can take months – even years – to sell your house, thanks to the abundance of competition.

2. Save Cash

Brokerage fees, agent commissions, and closing costs can quickly erode your profits on the sale of your house. Furthermore, you may need to invest capital into renovating, upgrading, or repairing your property in order for it to sell.

3. Save Energy

Between all the parties involved in the sale of your house, you can lose a tremendous amount of time on phone calls, dealing with potential buyers, working with your agent or bank, and navigating legal channels.

It is easy to see why direct home sales are rapidly growing in popularity throughout the United States.

With a single phone call to Bellaire Investment Group, you can eliminate the burdens and stress often associated with selling your house. With just one call, the entire process can be done for you.
All you need to do is pack and get ready to move.

So what are you waiting for? Call 813-530-5530 or fill out this [Form] immediately to sell your Tampa house fast. We buy houses – it’s our mission, and it’s what we do best.